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[alt] News:

In the Summer of 2007, we did a major upgrade of this site. We added many new records and greatly improved the coverage of patents, theses, and goverment reports. For many records, we have added abstracts to the database, and you can now view them by checking "show abstracts". We created a simpler search interface (which is now the default); the old, complicated interface is now the "Advanced Search" page.

[ETI LOGO]Most of the work for this upgrade was done by Rachel Schneider, M.S. Student in the ESE program, and Jason Lou, an intern with Saturday Academy's Apprenticeships in Science and Engineering (ASE) Program. Funding for Jason's internship was provided by EnviroMetal Technologies Inc. Thanks to John Vogan for that conribution.

[alt] Scope:

This bibliographic database on contaminant remediation with zero-valent metals is a by-product of research in this area by the group of Paul Tratnyek. It first appeared, in 1996, as a simple list of references (at http://www.ebs.ogi.edu /tratnyek/ ironrefs.html). To provide a more powerful resource for those working in this area, the list was replaced with a searchable database in December 1998.

The database is intended to include all directly relevant research papers, most of the relevant "gray" literature, and a few of the more substantial news articles on this topic. In general, publications that qualify must be (i) relevant, (ii) substantial in content, (iii) in the public domain, and (iv) readily retrievable.

There are some ambiguities. For example, conference proceedings with extended abstracts are included, but those that only have short abstracts currently are not included. Another example: we have included all publications that make explicit mention of zero-valent metals in remediation applications (no matter how minor the role in the publication), but we have exluded many papers on corrosion of zero-valent metals that make no mention of environmental remediation applications and we have even left out a few papers on groundwater remediation with in-situ treatment walls that make no mention of zero-valent metals. No "in prep" or "in press" manuscripts are included.

New references and corrections are added periodically, usually every few months. We welcome your contributions.

[alt] Tips:

Default Search Syntax: (New Default, Simple Search Page Only) The new default search page searches exactly what you type in, so "reduction of chromate" returns records for exactly that phrase. Something like "ation of carbon" will return mostly records containing the phrase "dechlorination of carbon tetrachloride". This quite powerful, but it doesn't allow you to do keyword or boolean searches. To do that, go to the advanced search page.

Diacriticals, Accents, etc.: Our parent database records names like O'Hannesin exactly as they are supposed to appear in their native format. But, we have had to make some compromises to ensure that the search engine returns sensible characters over a range of fonts and platforms. To finesse character mapping subtleties, just truncate the word to leave off the complicating characters. For example, type "Hannesin" and you will get everything that includes "O'Hannesin".

Greek symbols: Similar situation as with diacriticals. The script maps these characters as their Roman equivalents. For now, we've just left them that way.

Other formatting: We have made no effort to render formatting like subscripts and superscripts into html. So, searching "CCl4" will return matches to CCl4, etc.

Searching by year: (Advanced Search Only) It is best to use the four digit year, for example 1997 instead of 97. However if you enter a number between 00 and 19 the search engin will look for years between 2000 and 2020. Numbers between 20 and 99 will be interpreted as 1920 to 1999.

Searching by a range of years: (Advanced Search Only) If you do not include both ends of the range, range will not be searched.

Recent additions: (Advanced Search Only) Returns what has been added to the database in the last 60 days.

[alt] Input:

We welcome your input. If you have references to submit, corrections to make, or suggestions to offer about the management of the database, please email them to the appropriate contact in the footer below.

[alt] Disclaimer:

The database was developed by us and therefore differs markedly from the content of any other (commercial) database. The information it contains is not perfectly accurate or complete, so beware. Obviously, we do not accept any responsiblity for what anyone else does with information obtained from this database.

[alt] Credits:

The University Consortium Solvents-In-Groundwater Research Programme provide most of the funding that got this database starts. David Severson became involved while doing summer research with Barbara Balko in the College Science Research Program, which was funded by a grant to Lewis & Clark College from the Murdock Trust. Subsequent improvements have been leveraged off grants from various sources (SERDP, DOE, etc.). As noted above, we recently got a small grant from EnviroMetal Technologies, Inc., to support recent improvements.

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