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Answers to frequently asked questions.

  1. Is MERL really free?
    Yes, Thanks to grants from the Dreyfus Foundation and EnviroMetal Technologies, we have 2500 copies to distribute free of charge. In general, we will provide only one copy per "group".

  2. Is MERL available to "home schoolers".
    Yes. (We get a lot of requests from home schoolers.)

  3. Can I make copies of MERL?
    Yes, you are welcome to make copies of the MERL CD for education and training purposes. You can not sell MERL, or any part of it, without our permission (we do retain copyright to the material).

  4. Will it run on my computer?
    Yes, if your Mac or PC is not brand new or very old. MERL seems to run fine on recent versions of the Windows up to XP (we haven't tested Vista yet) and Macintosh 9 through 10.4.7 (on Mac's the support Classic). Unfortunately, MERL will not run on the new intel-based Macs because they do not run Classic.

  5. Why does it run so slow?
    You probably have an older computer with a slow CD-ROM drive. MERL is pretty pokey on CD-ROM drives that are 12x or slower.

  6. Does my computer need QuickTime to run MERL?
    To view the animations, you must have QuickTime installed on your computer. We have included the installer on the CD, but we no longer recommend that you use that as it is now a rather old version. Instead, you should download the latest QuickTime installer from Apple. If you don't have QuickTime installed, most of MERL will run fine, but the animations will show only empty boxes or red X's.

  7. Should I use the QuickTime installer that is bundled on the MERL CD?
    No. Your computer probably has a newer version of QuickTime on it already, so installing the version we bundled in 2002 might mess things up. If you don't have any version of QuickTime on your computer, it's best to go to Apple's website and download the latest version.

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