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Resources for educators using material from MERL.

  1. A paper in the Journal of Chemical Education describing a laboratory exercise for introductory college chemistry students:
    Balko, B. A.; Tratnyek, P. G. (2001) A discovery-based experiment illustrating how iron metal is used to remediate contaminated groundwater. J. Chem. Educ., 78(12), 1661-1664.

  2. A talk given at the 17th BCCE Conference on the laboratory exercise described in Balko and Tratnyek (2001):
    Barbara A. Balko (2002) "An experiment illustrating how iron metal is used to remediate contaminated groundwater" Presentation at the 17th Biennial Conference on Chemical Education, Bellingham, WA, 28 July - 1 August 2002. Download presentation in Powerpoint (ppt) format, PDF format.

  3. A paper in The Chemical Educator elaborating on some of the basic chemical concepts that can be illusrated with experiments that represent reducing environments:
    Tratnyek, P. G.; Reilkoff, T. E.; Lemon, A.; Scherer, M. M.; Balko, B. A.; Feik, L. M.; Henegar, B. (2001) Visualizing redox chemistry: Probing environmental oxidation-reduction reactions with indicator dyes. The Chemical Educator, 6(3), 172-179.

  4. The alumni magazine of Lewis & Clark College did feature stories on how LC undergraduates contributed to the development of MERL and how Dr. Balko has incorported this subject in her reseach:
    Lewis & Clark Chronicle (Winter 2003): "MERL Breaks Down Science Behind Iron Walls" and "Ironclad Research May Lead to Cleaner Water".

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