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Documentation Vadose Zone Conjunctive Simulation Sleepers River Watershed Flowpath

MODFLOW-Watershed Hydrology and Transport:

A modeling framework designed to simulate the flow and transport processes of a watershed as a holistic system.


Fully-coupled 3-dimensional surface-subsurface flow simulation using an enhanced version of MODFLOW-2000
  • Vadose zone flow using Richards Equation
  • Overland flow using 2D kinematic flow approximation
  • Adaptive time stepping algorithm
  • Equation linearization techniques

    Coupled open-channel flow simulation using DAFLOW
  • Stream / river network flow using diffusion wave analogy

    Reactive contaminant transport simulation
  • Subsurface contaminant transport using RT3D
  • Open-channel transport using BLTM
    Modeling Studies

    Vadose zone flow and transport

    Conjunctive surface-subsurface flow

    Investigating the 'transmissivity feedback' theory
    in Sleepers River, VT

    Watershed flowpath
    comparison study

    Source code and documentation page

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